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  1. Nagamat was a dragon general of Tiamat during the Time of Dragons. In −30, DR, Nagamat was in charge of the siege of the aearee kingdom of Shara, destroying .
  2. Nagamatzu's instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire and early New Order or Cocteau Twins. "Sacred Islands of the Mad" was recorded between after the departure of Andrew. The album is a complex, textured tapestry of.
  3. Nagat listen to music streams, download mp3 songs, photos, watch videos, discover similar artists and find news. Choose Language: Search. IPTV SHOP Thousands of Premium Channels & On Demand Movies Advertisements: Nagat. Albums. Album. Songs. Year. Aghany Abd Al Whab. 2 Songs. Al Shomwa Al Swda. 3 Songs. Ana Bashq Al Bahr. 6 Songs.
  4. Jul 24,  · Nagamatzu was a 80s / earlys Ipswich, UK post-punk / synthpop band, with core members Stephen Jarvis (bass, slides, video, design, synths) & Lagowski (guitars, synths, rhythms, tapes). They were temporarily joined by Andrew Fleck (synths). Their dark electronics might be reminicent of Clock DVA's Thirst-era, earlys Cabaret Voltaire & New Order's first attempts (when .
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  6. Der Gute Kamerad (Life '85 version) () Melancholy Oxide () Review: Dark Entries are clearly fans of British duo Nagamatzu, with this remastered and reissued edition of their LP, Above This Noise, the third time the San Francisco label has profiled the '80s synth act. Formed of Andrew Lagowski and Stephen Jarvis, Nagamatzu were.

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