9 thoughts on “ Closing / Tin Man Contact / Romulans - Jay Chattaway - Star Trek: The Next Generation (Original Soundtrack Recordings) (CD, Album) ”

  1. Star Trek DS9 - Dennis McCarthy - 17 - Theme From Star Trek - Deep Space Nine [Single Version].mp3 Star Trek DS9 - Dennis McCarthy - 18 - Passage Terminated [Single Version].mp3 TV Series -- Star Trek - Enterprise - Dennis McCarthy - 01 - Faith Of The Heart [Full Version] - (Russell Watson).mp3.
  2. Much like the Star Trek: The Next Generation box sets that finally gave Dennis McCarthy’s work exposure in the wake of a massive all-Ron-Jones soundtrack box set, this SG-1 soundtrack set redresses an imbalance and is worth a listen. There’s a nice slice of unreleased tracks from Jay Chattaway’s sophomore TNG effort, Tin Man (a score.
  3. Nov 29,  · Commercial, Limited Edition (4 CD) published by La-La Land Records on Nov 29, containing original soundtrack, vocal, original work, prototype/unused from Star Trek, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: Borg, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: The Experience, Star Trek: Deep .
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  5. Nov 29,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Star Trek - 50th Anniversary Collection - Musical Rarities From Across The Star Trek Universe (Original Soundtrack Recordings) on Discogs.
  6. Die ersten 5 Tracks dieser CD sind etwas ganz neues für Star Trek, da Jay Chattaway damals nur als Gast-Komponist für Ron Jones eingesprungen ist. Er hatte damals mit Star Trek eigentlich gar nichts zu tun. Schwer zu glauben, wenn man diese Musik hört.
  7. “Tin Man” is concrete proof that Star Trek: The Next Generation can journey to the farthest star just as easily as it can the depths of the human heart, and it can do so while also showing that not only are the two not mutually exclusive, they're in truth the same thing. It reminds us of our oft-neglected utopianism and how we need not.
  8. The prevailing fan consensus on “Face of the Enemy” was always that it's “The Good Troi Episode”: The one episode in the entire seven year run of Star Trek: The Next Generation that actually managed to do something interesting and compelling with Deanna Troi as a character. And that's blatantly bunkum: “Face of the Enemy” isn't the “good” Troi episode, it's the definitive Troi.
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